Support activities for teachers

Three activities have been provided that teachers can use to scaffold students through the 100 Jobs of the future – Job Explorer.

The world of work will change dramatically in the next few decades. Even now, jobs are changing at a fast rate as machines and big data change the way we work and interact with each other.

An aging population, medical technologies, and disrupted workplaces will change people’s life spans and career patterns. Climate change, population pressures and technologised lifestyles will throw up major challenges for sustainability. New technologies and new materials will change agricultural practice, transport, engineering, and industry and business practices.

This will all lead to major work disruptions, but open up possibilities for those with the skills and interests to match. Increasingly, jobs will involve humans working with machines, which means that future work will require people with technical/digital skills and those who can work at the interface between machines and people. We will have new jobs, and the jobs that exist now will change to include new technological and communication processes.

This is from the Key Findings – see the report.

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